Our lineup includes over 150 varieties of Japanese craft beers
that include limited seasonal selections!
If you love craft beer, you have to stop by here!

This shop has been operated in the traditional Nishijin fabric district since the early Showa era (mid-1920s). Today, the third-generation master runs the shop.
In 2002, we began collecting a variety of craft beers. Today, we stock over 150 types.
We also carry Japanese sake from Shiga, Nara, Kyoto, and other Kansai region destinations.
We like to work directly with producers of craft beer, sake, and local vegetables and cherish these close-knit relationships.
Our goal is to bring these produces' passions and aspiration to you at our shop!
* We may not speak the most fluent English, but we'll spare no effort to bring you delicious craft beer!
  • Retail sales only
    Food and drink cannot be consumed in the shop. We are exclusively a vendor.
  • Cash only
    Note that we cannot accept credit cards or travelers’ checks.
山岡酒店 -
Yamaoka Sake Shop
555, Botambokocho, Kamigyo-ku Kyoto city, Kyoto, 602-8475, Japan
Yamaoka Sake Shop looks like a grocery. So do not miss it!
from kyoto station
  • howto01
    From the A3 bus stop at Kyoto Station, board the 206 line bus. (During the daytime, buses come about every 10 minutes!)
  • howto02
    After about thirty minutes, you will reach the 15th stop: Senbon Imadegawa. Disembark here.
  • howto03
    Continue walking in the same direction as the bus for about 200 meters.
  • howto04
    This sign is your landmark! Look up a bit and you’ll find it before your eyes.
if you get a taxi...
Please tell your driver, “Go north for 300 meters at the Senbon Imadegawa intersection and take me to the Yamaoka-Saketen on the lefthand side!”
  • Iwate Kura Beer Japanese Herb Ale Sansho
    Iwate Kura Beer
    Japanese Herb Ale Sansho
    JPY 510
    This spicy and crisp beer utilizes the flavor of local mountain pepper.
  • Fujizakura Beer Weizen
    Fujizakura Beer
    JPY 480
    A highly fruity beer made from wheat malt. The recipient of many awards at international beer competitions.
  • Minoh Beer W-IPA
    Minoh Beer
    JPY 590
    A distinctive bitter note and rich malt flavor, paired with the aroma of Cascade hops. An exquisitely balanced ale with a strong 9% alcohol content.
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  • Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine
    Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine
    (10 minutes’ walk from the shop)
    This spot is famous for the plum blossoms that burst forth every February. They hold a flea market every month on the 25th.
  • Kamishichiken
    (10 minutes’ walk from the shop)
    This is the pleasure quarters where the maiko entertainers dwell. At night, you may be able to catch a glimpse of one of them making the rounds.